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  What is a Virtual Machine?

In the old days if you wanted to setup your own IT lab you actually needed to purchase a server and networking gear which can be quite expensive. Now we can just download some free virtualization software and we will get the same result.

Using a VM also allows you to easily move the VM from computer to computer. A VM is essentially made up from a hard disk file and a virtual machine file which – which makes them very easy to copy or move anywhere across the globe – I can assure this is not the same with a 60lb physical server.

A few key terms you need to understand are VM (which you already know) and the Host. The host computer is the computer that “hosts” the VM. Or the computer on which the VM operating.


VM – Virtual Machine (software computer)

Host – The physical computer that operates a VM

There are always additional details I could add to take up space, but my courses aren’t designed to bore you to death. I have already given you the quick, down and dirty details that you’ll need to understand Virtualization – so let’s get virtualizing!