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The IT (Information Technology) industry is a very high paying career field. With the rate that technology is advancing and evolving, you can be sure that the IT field is not going to disappear anytime soon and neither are the professionals who work in the IT field.

The IT field is perceived as a very difficult industry to get started in because people often cannot get an IT job without IT experience, but they are unable to get IT experience without getting an IT job. This catch 22 discourages many people from putting in the work required to get their first solid IT job.

With this eBook I am going to help you understand the proven steps that you must take in order to get an IT job in today’s market.

There is no doubt that if you don’t pay special attention to each of these five steps you will have a very difficult time securing a great IT job so make sure you read this eBook carefully and put each step into practice in your own job searches.

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Instructor Paul

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Instructor Paul is not only an instructor, but he also works in the IT field full time. This means you are learning from an instructor who can provide insights into the IT world full-time instructors cannot.

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